Please see some selected highlights of my work below. To learn more in-depth about my experience, please visit my LinkedIn page.

Blog Writing

While I love all writing, my specialty and passion is for blogs. And yes, I even love writing about topics like commercial overhead doors. There’s no such thing as a boring blog subject, because everybody has their own interests and passions, and I am writing for them, not for me. I write long and short form blogs, anywhere from 400-1,200 words, with a turnaround time so quick you’ll have to take a startled glance at your watch (or phone, because let’s be real, nobody wears watches anymore unless it’s an Apple Watch). Give me a topic and watch me research my way into becoming an expert on it in less than an hour. I’m a research sponge.

What Netflix’s ‘Maid’ Can Teach Us About Domestic Abuse
Supporting Men in Therapy
6 Common Misconceptions About Oral Hygiene
Grow Around the Grief
The Magic of Music & Memory
8 Easy Vegan Desserts You Can Whip Up In No Time
JF&CS Supports Minority Mental Health
4 Tips When Looking for a Place to Rent
5 Benefits of Investing in High Speed Doors

Many of the blogs I have written have a focus in travel; you can see those below.

Guide to Downtown Washington, DC
A Beginner’s Guide to Tampa, Florida
Guide to Ski Trips Near Phoenix
Socially-Distanced Holiday Destinations in San Diego for 2021
Guide to Group Restaurants in Atlanta
Lesser-Known Theme Parks to Visit in LA
Guide to DC’s Best Parks and Outdoor Spaces
A Guide to Visiting San Fransisco’s North Beach Neighborhood
Boston “Deep Cuts” for Frequent Travelers

Proudest Moments:

  • My group guide to visiting the Grand Canyon that I wrote for CharterUP was consistently ranked number one on Google for more than three months.
  • While at Jewish Family & Career Service, I made strategic changes that moved our blog’s ranking to within the top 10 pages overall, up from an average of 11th place in six months prior to my work with the agency began, and improved the bounce rate of blog homepage by 3%. Individual blogs average an improvement in bounce rate of about 10%.

Website Copy & Management

Your website is how you put your best foot forward. It’s how you show the world what you’ve got. And I know just what to do. My website copy and management is the website equivalent of shining your shoes, pressing your pants, and putting on a smile: your website will be fresh, ready to go, and ready to make a great impression. I know basic HTML and several different websites management platforms, and “positive user experience” is actually my middle name…er, names. You get the gist.

Charter Bus & Minibus Rentals in Toledo
Missouri Charter Bus & Minibus Rentals
Memphis Charter Bus & Minibus Rentals
Tucson Charter Bus & Minibus Rentals
Syracuse Charter Bus & Minibus Rentals
Long Island Charter Bus & Minibus Rentals
Albuquerque Charter Bus & Minibus Rentals
Dayton Minibus & Charter Bus Rentals

Proudest moments:

  • While at Global Savings Group, I negotiated on terms with two of my retailers, Belk and StubHub, that enabled me to more freely optimize our pages with deals and coupons that I researched. These changes led to better Google rankings and revenue for both retailers.
  • The static and dynamic copy that I wrote for a Disney+ coupon page for Global Savings Group ranked on the first page of Google for its primary search keyword after only less than a week.
  • During my first month at the Atlanta Jewish Times, I increased website page views from 165,000 to 191,000 and kept page views consistently at or just below 200,000 for six months.
  • In three months, I increased page views on the East Cobber website by 50% and sessions by 38%, and decreased the bounce rate by 3%.

Social Media Copywriting

One of my specialties is writing thumb-stopping content that makes social media scrollers take a second look. You may think your brand’s voice is going to get lost in the crowd, but with my work, that will be impossible. Want a message to stick? Want people to click? With me as your writer, you can count on it. I’m not a professional graphic designer, but I know my way around Canva, and sort of Photoshop. Want something designed that is bold and basic? I’ve got you.

World Spay Day/Promoting a TNR Mission
Valentine’s Day Post
Kroger Community Rewards Partnership/Asking People to Sign Up
Chewy Wishlist Post 1
Chewy Wishlist Post 2
Black Cats for Black Friday
Giving Tuesday Post 3

Proudest Moments:

  • My work raised more than $5,000 during 2021 and 2022 for Kudzu Cat Alliance through social media posts and email copy encouraging donations.
  • I took complete ownership of all social media handles while working at the Atlanta Jewish Times and drove results. I increased our reach on Facebook by 87%, engagement by 260%, and likes by 530% during my first month. I also added Link in Bio, stories, and story highlights to our Instagram, resulting in a 27.2% click through rate on the Link in Bio page during first week and new website traffic.
  • At East Cobber, I increased our Facebook followers by 12% in the first month, increased average Instagram story views from 60 to 230, and successfully coordinated a social media giveaway to five different winners.

News & Feature Stories

Some people may think reading the news is boring. And some people haven’t read the way I write news. I can breathe life and interest into even the most dull and unsexy news topics, pulling the reader in with a hook and keeping them reading till the end. And with the more fun topics like features, I make them even more fun and colorful, with passion and care poured into every word and every punctuation. (And yes, that includes the Oxford comma. I will die on that hill.)

Every Smile Has a Story
More Than Just a Tree
Hylda Wilson’s Food Pantry Journey
Finding Love Through Volunteering with JF&CS
A Match Made in Heaven
96-Year-Old Ellie and Her Two Matches
Meet Jill and Sylvia, Two Matzah-Ball-Making Friends
PAL Program Creates Lasting Friendship of More Than 30 Years
Harper and Micah Become the Best of PALs
“A Girl After My Own Heart”: Jackie Nix and Her Little PAL
Jordan Enoch and His Little PALs
Jacquie’s Journey
“It’s a Gift to be Here”: Tzipporah Gerson-Miller’s JF&CS Journey
A Family Tradition: The Lucianis Give Back through the Giving Garden

The Growing Link Between CRE and the $1B Esports Industry
Walker & Dunlop Finances $164M for Miami’s Goodtime Hotel
Avison Young Arranges Loan for 119-Unit Alexandria Multifamily Project
Aries Capital Acquires Lyft’s Atlanta Driver Service Center for $7M
Strategic Property Partners Brings First Wagamama to Tamp Dining Scene

Read all my work for Connect Commercial Real Estate here.

Orthodox Atlanta Couple Hike the U.S.
Ramah Darom Celebrates 25th Summer
Parade Honors Long-Term Federation Employee
Party Plan Pivot
Arno Brings Light to the JCC with New Menorah
Arthur Blank Names CHOA ‘Construction Managers’

Read all my work for the Atlanta Jewish Times here.

Proudest moment:

  • While at the Atlanta Jewish Times, I was able to contact and interview three directors on their movies for the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, in addition to watching their films and writing stories for each, with less than two days notice before deadline. One of the stories I wrote became the most viewed film review in the AJFF special issue of the Atlanta Jewish Times. (Read the other two here and here).

Email Copy, Design, & Management

Contrary to what many may believe, punk isn’t dead. (Excuse me while I rock out for a moment…Ok. Back to business.) So, punk isn’t dead. And neither are emails. My subject lines have style, my copy is compelling, and the spam folder gets sad when it sees me coming, because it knows it doesn’t stand a chance against my emails. I have experience managing email lists from as small as 1,000 recipients to 25,000, and no list is too big or too small for me to get to know. And if you need a cute little animated divider, or a basic yet eye-catching header image, I can make that for you.

Hello, Sunshine!
How are you feeling?
Check Out What’s Coming Up!
Tickets on Sale for Habima’s Xanadu JR.!
100+ Camp Options for Pre-K-10th Graders

Proudest moments:

  • I’m proud of my work writing subject lines and email copy for the Feel Better Letter at Jewish Family & Career Services, where the emails earned an average open rate of 50% and click-through rate of 3%, compared to non-profit benchmark of 26.6% open rate and 2.7% click-through rate (as of 2022 averages)
  • My story selection and subject lines increased the average open rate of the weekly Atlanta Jewish Times newsletter from 28.3% to 32.7% and average click through rates from 7.7% to 9.1% during first three months