Hi! I’m Anna Streetman, an Atlanta-based copywriter and lifelong writer. Welcome to my website! Let me tell you a little about myself, and what I can do for you.

As soon as I learned how to write, and figured out how it made me feel, I was hooked. I was writing stories into colorful notebooks, composing poems with doodles into the spare margins of paper, and writing down quotes I loved on scraps of paper as soon as I heard them. Ever seen the movie “Soul” from Pixar? Remember when Joe goes into “the zone” while playing piano, and the world around him morphs into a euphoric, colorful swirl of purpose and passion as time melts away? Yeah, that’s how I feel when I write.

For the last six years, I’ve been beyond fortunate to work with numerous different companies, both freelance and full time. I’ve written for all types of organizations across all industries, from nonprofits to e-commerce to commercial real estate, and have learned so much along the way! I’ve written ad copy, news and feature stories, blogs, emails, social media copy, and so much more. And I’m just getting started!

I’d love to show you what I can do. Because the key point I haven’t mentioned yet? I’m more than a writer. I’m a social media expert who has dabbled in basic graphic design, Canva, and Photoshop, and who makes sure your posts stand out. I’m an analytics fangirl who knows how to drive website traffic, improve bounce rates, and tidy up broken HTML where needed. I’m an email aficionado who writes high-performing emails with excellent open rates above industry benchmarks. And of course, as you already know, I’m a copywriting chameleon, able to blend my writing seamlessly to match any message, medium, and mission.

Please see my portfolio at the link below, where I highlight some of the work I am the most proud of. Happy reading!