I follow the freelance average in Atlanta of $30 per hour for blog posts, news and feature stories, and all other long-form writing. I aim to finish each assignment in a maximum of three hours, and usually average around two hours per assignment.

I am available for both one-time assignments and as a staff writer.

Need Something Else?

I’m more than happy to work out special rates for different types of assignments than the ones above. I also love writing website copy and social media posts. Just contact me and let me know!

Want to Support My Work?

Don’t need my services, but want to help support my work? Visit my Patreon and pledge a one-time or recurring $3 donation. That’s the price of one coffee, or one treat from the gas station. A little goes a long way!

With added donations, I will be able to fund website improvement, classes and seminars that improve my skills, advertising, and more!