My Services

As a lifelong writer with more than five years of professional experience, and three years of added experience in digital marketing, I know how important it is to pick just the right words to convey your message, regardless of your medium. It’s a tough, competitive market out there, and sometimes it seems impossible to be able to stand out. But my writing and digital marketing background is here to help.

Need some examples? Please feel free to view my portfolio page for samples of my work.

What I Offer

I am a versatile writer available for both short and long-term projects who specializes in:

  • Journalistic news and feature stories
  • Blog posts
  • Email copy and marketing
  • SEO-optimized website pages
  • Social media posts
  • ….and more!

I know just what it takes to make sure your brand and your story stays in the top of your customer’s minds, too. Whether it’s writing a compelling feature story or pulse-pounding hard news story, or writing the perfect, SEO optimized landing page, I’ve got you covered.

My writing services marry my passion for writing and digital marketing, and will ensure your brand’s message doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

Have a special request?

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