My Experience

I have always been fascinated with the power of words and their ability to influence people. Because of this, I have built a career around creating bold, powerful copy that attracts, engages, and delights readers.


I graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2016 with a degree in Communications: Journalism & Emerging Media. In college, I worked numerous internships and editor positions to hone my writing skills. I served as both a Senior Staff Writer and News Editor for The Sentinel, Kennesaw State’s student media newspaper. I also served as the sole editor for KSU News Now, the online newspaper for Kennesaw State University’s School of Communications. As part of this role, I developed social media handles for the newspaper and was responsible for editing and formatting all content. I also landed my first internship at a major publication, The Atlanta Jewish Times, where I worked with their WordPress website and wrote, formatted and posted several articles a week.

Full Time Roles

After graduating, I brought my writing and editing skills to both of my full-time roles, and delved deeper into digital marketing. In my first role after college, I served as the E-Communications Coordinator for Elevanta, a franchisee association management company and small business healthcare plan provider in Kennesaw that assists franchisees from three major brands: Planet Fitness, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Burger King. In my role, I edited all digital content across four websites for accuracy and brand alignment, ensured SEO-friendliness of each page, and contributed and edited articles for our three quarterly publications: Score, Geared Up, and Flame. In addition, I also created handles and curated content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram for four associations, managing a total of 16 social media handles using HootSuite. I also on occasion wrote marketing emails to entice members to come to our events, and monitored email analytics to determine success and suggest new strategies or language.

In my second and former position, I jumped into the world of digital marketing while still utilizing my passion for writing. For two years, I served as the Digital Marketing Coordinator at the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta, a community center that caters to over 60,000 people a year of all ages from all walks of life. As part of my role, I created and distributed several external emails per week, including five monthly newsletters. There are several brands within the agency such as preschool, day camp, fitness and wellness, arts and culture, teen programming, family programs, etc. that each have their own tone and audience I was responsible for imitating in copy I produce for their emails and their websites. I also wrote the CEO’s message for our yearly program guide, which aims to inform members of everything happening at the MJCCA and entice them to get involved in our programs.

Volunteer Work

While working full time, I also dedicated some volunteer work to Odyssey, an online publication designed to help young writers build a portfolio. In addition to writing a piece of my own every week, I also edited five articles a week on average, formatted and posted them to the website, and gave constructive feedback to my writers.

Tying it all together…

And now, here I am, taking everything I have learned throughout the years in order to offer my services to the world. My goal as a freelance writer is to help boost your brand with copy that is exciting, motivating, and create the results you crave.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Check out what services I offer and let’s get started!